GDPR Privacy Policy

1. Company website


1.1.  The Company's websites is, which uses https. HTTPS is the secure version of http, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you are connected to.
1.2.  The Company websites contain Google Analytics script to monitor usage of specific webpages for the purpose of updating webpages and search engine adverts. The Company does NOT engage in remarketing, nor recording website visitor's activities.


1.3.  The Company websites use the Google AdSense system  which means that Google can display adverts on our site and we get paid a very small amount if a user clicks on one of these adverts.  This is used to help pay for this free service.


2. Presentation Player online service and Presentation Player Client software


When a user installs the Presentation Player Client software on their computer or multiple computers, this software will continually communicate with so that they can remote send PowerPoint presentations to that computer. When the user installs the client software on any of their computers, then the following information is sent to and stored in their online account:


1.    Machine hardware information including processor type, memory installed, graphics card type, hard disk size, etc, which can be viewed in their online account.  This information is part of our service to the user, so that they can remotely collect information on their player computers, which could be installed anywhere in the world. 

2.    A unique key is generated from this hardware information and used to uniquely identify that computer as the service allows multiple computers to be connected to a single online account.

3.    Installed software information is also sent.  This included the Windows version, whether 32-bit or 64-bit, and a list of all installed software, which would only be manually reviewed my our support team in the event of the client's computer not working correctly.

4.    Optionally, multiple user logins can be created for a single account.  An auditing system is place which records activities performed within the account, such as commands sent to player computers, upload and removal of presentation files.  


When the user logs onto their online account, then can upload their PowerPoint files, view linked computers, see a snap shot image of the playing computer, and send PowerPoint files and commands to the connected computer.  These commands currently include a remote restart or shutdown. 

3.  Personal information - contacts, customers and resellers

3.1.  Data collected from anyone contacting our company is kept on the Company IT system, which is securely encrypted and password protected. The information is used to manage customers accounts and record correspondence, purchase orders and licence keys. Information is also used to keep you up-to-date with information on any offers, approximately 4 times a year by email. Every email newsletter has an unsubscribe link.

4.  Order processing

4.1.  We do NOT store any user credit cards at all. All processing is performed via PayPal.

4.2.  Our online database and decidated servers are hosted by Microsoft and is securely encrypted and IP address restricted.

5.  PayPal orders


5.1.  Data collected from customers who place their orders through PayPal via our Buy page is transferred to the securely encrypted and password protected Company IT System and password protected industry standard accountancy system.


5.2.  Customer payments are transferred from PayPal to the Company bank account and recorded in the Company's password protected industry standard accountancy system. 

6.  Website accounts

6.1.  When setting up or accessing a website account, if the user clicks on the Remember Me button on the login page, it leaves a login cookie so that they do not have to type in their email address again.

7. newsletter

7.1.  An opt-in Updates newsletter is available on this website to notify you of changes to our software or websites, news and promotions. Every email newsletter has an unsubscribe link.

8.  Your information

8.1.  We respect your privacy and your information is kept private and NEVER sold nor passed to anyone else. Any correspondence is kept on the securely encrypted, password protected, Company IT System.


8.2. We do NOT monitor nor record telephone calls.


8.3.  We do NOT purchase mailing lists nor obtain information from any third parties whatsoever. Only information provided by our website visitors, contacts, customers and resellers is stored on the Company IT System, for the purchase of carrying out its business.


8.4.  You have a right, under the Data Protection Act, to obtain personal information we hold. To obtain a copy you need to make a Data Subject Access request.


8.5.  You have a right to be forgotten, and we will remove your contact details from our IT System, on request.


8.6.  The Company has social media accounts to communicate with contacts and link to its website information and success stories. Only relevant communication from social media messages to the Company are stored in its IT System.

9.  English Law

9.1  The Company Terms and Conditions and GDPR are governed by the Laws of England and all parties shall submit to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
10.  Disclaimer

Whilst we make every effort to keep the website up-to-date, we do not provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties, that the information will be current or accurate. E.&O.E.
11.  Business or website assignment
11.1  If a person or organisation was to buy this business or website, the data will be transferred to the new owners, and will be used for the same purposes.